A month before you move :

1. One month before Let’s Get Moving arrive, start cleaning out different areas such as basements, closets, garage etc. Extra or unnecessary item can be donated to charity organizations. You can also have a garage sale to collect some money that can cover up some of your shipping fee.
2.You should arrange for the packing supplies.
3. Start packing items that are not daily use items such as books, magazines, pictures etc.
4. Every moving box should contain an attached list of items packed in the box.
5. Prepare a list of all the expenses.
6. Contact a reputable mover with good references and ask for estimated cost of moving including mover fee.
7. Transfer your current house insurance documents in the name of your new house.



JoeLeewBox copyPrior to two weeks before moving :

8. Arrange for reconnects and disconnect for utilities.
9. Start arranging to get your mail forwarded.
10. Transfer bank accounts.
11. Inform your family doctor and other important person about your move and give them your new address and phone numbers.

One week before moving :
12. Start cleaning your house either yourself or using a cleaning service. You should also defrost the refrigerator and clean it.
13. Ask your children to return any borrowed item from library, movie shop etc.

JoeLeeLeaning copyFew days before leaving :

14. Finish any remaining packing and marking of each box.
15. Put important documents and files such as insurance policy, x-rays, office related documents etc in a separate marked box and place it in your car.
16. Keep a box marked as “Open first” and includes in it items of daily use.
17. Leave unnecessary appliance manual behind.

This list includes only few tips but goes on and on as you think of other items. Although it is hectic job to do but once you move to your new home, you will appreciate preparation of a check list.